A Guide to your Summer Skin Routine

by | Jun 11, 2021 | 0 comments

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about how you should adapt your skin care routine for the winter and the same goes for the warm summer months.

There are certain elements to your skincare routine you should be paying extra attention to and ones that although you may think are unnecessary in the summer (like moisturiser if your skin is feeling oily), are definitely still needed!

Here are some changes we believe you should be making to your skin routine as we head into summer.


It is one that every skin care blogger, expert and dermatologist will tell you time and time again (until you listen!). SPF is absolutely necessary all year round but especially so as that sun gets warmer and more prominent.

We recommend applying at least SPF 30 but for your face it’s even suggested you should go all the way up to SPF 55.

To help keep you topped up during the day, without disrupting any makeup, there are now SPF mist options – so there is no excuse!

While SPF should be top of your priority list for summer skincare, it should be the final step of your routine, even after moisturiser.

Small Changes

Where the harsh winter air may wreak havoc on your skin causing it to become dry and flaky, in the summer you are much more likely to suffer from extra oil and sweat. That’s why if you are currently using a thick, creamy moisturiser you may want to consider something with a thinner and perhaps gel like consistency.

Another change to consider is swapping out your creamy cleansers for a foam cleanser as this will feel lighter on the skin and help reduce that shine.

Glycolic Acid

During the summer Glycolic Acid is an absolute go to for when you are producing excess oil. It helps polish away dead skin cells.

It also acts as a resurfacing agent that will give you younger looking skin and a more even skin tone.

Glycolic Acid can be used as part of your cleansing routine or applied nightly as a serum. It’s also suitable for all skin types and can be used even on adolescent skin.

Vitamin C

A great addition to your skin care routine all year round but especially important during the summer.

Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation and improves the appearance of fine lines – something you may notice as you’re squinting more in the sunlight.

It’s also great for preventing and repairing signs of sun damage. You can find vitamin C in moisturisers and serums.


This is particularly important if you are suffering from excess oil at this time of year. While you should be exfoliating at least weekly all year round, if you think your skin would benefit from a deeper clean try increasing this slowly.

However, it’s important to carefully understand the exfoliating products you are using as some may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and therefore applying SPF is even more important.

Don’t over Shower

We know this seems a silly thing to say when you’re all hot and bothered after a day in the office or out sunbathing. However, spending too long in a shower, especially a hot one can cause you to over-dry your skin.

This can result in inflammation and even summertime eczema.

Try to keep your showers to around 4-5 minutes at most.

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