4 Autumn Nail Trends 2021

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They say that there’s nothing more certain in life than ‘change’, and we can see that in the seasons that come and go every year.  As we now hit the Autumn season, the changes we see in nature somehow reflects the changes we make to our appearance.  And that includes nail trends!

Trends do tend to follow the seasons, and with this in mind, here are the top trends for nails over the next few months.

Autumn Nail Trend #1

Matte Nail Polish

Probably the biggest nail trend for Autumn is matte nail polish.  We’re seeing most of the high-end brands bringing out matte polishes in earthy colours, such as black, espresso and dark teal.

Autumn Nail Trend #2

Nail Colour Trends

Blues are significant this season, ranging from navy and denim to creamy pale blues.

Greens reflect the forest, with deep, dark earthy tones that are pairing with pale mint.

Burnt orange, blood reds and dark purples are popular, probably a nod to the changing colours of the landscape as the leaves on trees change to ocre and burnished orange.

Ever considered light grey? Well, it’s a trend for Autumn 2021, according to TrendSpotter!

Glitter is still popular and as we come up to the ‘party season’, it’ll be more prevalent in our nail colour choice as an Autumn nail trend.

Some beauty editors are predicting that matte nail polish will be partnered with gloss accents,  rethinking the age old French manicure with a matte base colour and gloss tip.

Cut out cuffs, whereby the cuticle is left ‘au natural’ and the rest of the nail is painted, and the reverse French manicure, whereby the tip of the nail is the darker colour, is an option this Autumn if you want to change things up a little!

Have you ever tried graduating your nail colour, starting with a deep rich tone at the base of the nail and gradually lightening the colour as it reaches the tips? It adds interest and a fun element to your manicure and is a trend for the Autumnal months ahead.

Autumn Nail Trend #3

Nail Design Trends

As for nail design, well we can tell you that retro swirls are in, chrome details are in but pale pinks dots are OUT, OUT, OUT!

Retro swirls, snakeskin designs and metallics can all play to the strength of nail design this Autumn.

The trend of experimentation is here! Nail art is, for some, an integral part of self-expression, and as such, we’re seeing a ‘theme’ of individual nail designs that tell a story to the wearer and the observer alike!  And of course, the story can change as often as the wearer wants it to!

Of course, there’s no point applying any of these colours or designs unless your hands and nails are in perfect condition.

All nails are not alike! Some need more nourishment to keep them at their best, and others need a little more attention to the cuticles to be able to pull off the ‘cut out cuffs ‘look.

Autumn Nail Trend #4

Hand and Nail Care

Having a manicure to get your nails in tip-top condition is probably one of the longest-lasting trends there is!  Good looking, healthy nails never go out of fashion and it’s worth noting that a traditional French manicure with a natural pearl topcoat remains one of the most popular requests we receive.

Whatever your style, natural or colours, there’s plenty of ideas to play around with this Autumn.

So, why not let your imagination run wild, experiment with colour, patterns and techniques. Or pop into your professional manicurist for some ‘pinkie tlc’ and a big bold splash of Autumnal colour!

So there you have it – my top nail trends for Autumnal Nail Colour.  I’m Sam Baggott, providing a range of beauty therapy treatments in Gloucester.  If you want to know more about nail colour or any of my services, simply contact me on 01452 539 751 or visit my website.