How to Enjoy Skincare in Your 60s and 70s

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During the years of our 60s and 70s, skin can begin to feel irritated and dry. This happens for a number of reasons, including that skin loses water more easily and is much thinner. Medical conditions and medication in general can also play a role. The good news is that the right skin care routine can improve how your skin looks and feels.

How skin changes in your 60s and 70s

Everyone tends to age differently, but during this time of life, people might notice that their skin is:

  • Drier
  • Thinner
  • Itchier
  • Developing more creases, wrinkles, spots
  • Blotchy
  • Easily irritated
  • More susceptible to skin infection
  • Easily bruises
  • Sweats less
  • Healing slower

Bathe to relieve any dry skin

Some simple changes that you can make to your bath time will reduce or alleviate itchy, dry skin, and prevent itchy, dry skin from becoming more of a serious issue. What you can do here is:

  • Wash with a fragrance-free, gentle, body wash or cleanser.
  • Use warm (but not boiling hot) water
  • Use a soft cloth to wash skin
  • Keep your shower or bath short
  • Pat water gently from your skin after you have bathed, leaving a bit of water on the skin
  • Apply a fragrance-free, creamy moisturiser formulated specifically for dry skin within three minutes of bathing and then throughout the day

Use a humidifier when air starts feeling dry

Air conditioning and heating can strip the humidity from the surrounding air. Dry air can make your skin feel itchy and dry. Keeping indoor humidity somewhere between 45% and 60% can reduce itchy, dry skin. The humidity in a room can easily be measured in the air with a hydrometer too, which you can buy online or from a shop.

Wear gloves while doing gardening and housework

Working around the garden and house can expose the skin to sunlight, harsh chemicals, various other things that can cause dry and irritated skin. When you are wearing gloves, you can also reduce the risk of injuring the skin.

Protect skin from the sun

If you are seeing more bruises, age spots, wrinkles, or blotches of discoloured skin, you might wonder if you still need to protect skin from the sun. Of course, the answer is that you do. It’s therefore important to seek shade when you’re outdoors, wear clothing that protects skin from the sun, apply a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Fragrance free

Fragrances can irritate the skin, so to help heal itchy, dry skin, and prevent it from returning, spray cologne or perfume etc. onto clothing instead of directly onto the skin.

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