Glowing Skin results in Glowing Testimonial!

by | Apr 16, 2018 | 0 comments

I recently had the pleasure of introducing Carol H to one of Dermalogica’s newest treatments – ProSkin60.

Dermalogica describe ProSkin60 as “the ultimate treatment, different every time” and I must say it is proving to be a great success. It is the ideal choice for clients who want a fully comprehensive experience that addresses all their skin concerns. The result is healthy glowing skin every time.

Anyway, a few days after her treatment Carol sent me this email:

“I recently had the brand new Dermalogica treatment ProSkin60 with Sam Baggott at Therapy by Sam Baggott. All I have to say is WOW!

“So, the 60 means 60 minutes … had 60 minutes of the most fantastic facial. The 60 minutes included various stages including double cleansing. The good thing is the ProSkin60 treatment was able to be tailored to my skin and therefore the treatment was entirely based on my individual needs. The double cleanse was amazing – it’s difficult to describe, but my skin felt “clean” … strange I know, but it did!

“Sam then when on to analyse my skin (like the old face-mapping) and after that used other products that were suited to my skin. The actual massage was fantastic and so relaxing … Sam is one talented beauty therapist!

“After the event my skin felt absolutely amazing. In fact, I swear I looked younger! Some of my lines had practically vanished. Sam explained to me that some lines can be simply just dehydration from bad weather. My skin felt wonderful and I came away with some samples that Sam suggested I try for my skin. I have since used them and they are amazing too.

“Now a few days later as I’m writing this, my skin still feels amazing. This ProSkin60 treatment is well worth having. I never realised what a difference it could make. Highly recommended and I’ll be going back for another one soon.”