How to Prepare your Skin for your Wedding Day

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Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! You may already be feeling a little daunted at all the things you need to think about, but I am here to make that easier.

You’ll want to look your absolute best on your wedding day and your skin will play a major part of that. While the photographer will be able to remove blemishes on your photos, you want to be sure you feel comfortable in your skin on your wedding day.

Here’s how to prepare your skin for your wedding day!

The Countdown Begins!

6 Months before the Big Day

Now is definitely the time to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist if you suffer from major skin concerns. Otherwise, you should get in touch with your local skin expert to discuss the best plan for your skin in preparation for your wedding.

3 Months before the Big Day

Now is the time to check in with your skin, are the treatments working? What affect are they having? 3 months is a long enough time that you should start to see the benefits of your new skincare plan.

I would also suggest tending to your brows at this stage, especially if you need to grow them out or you are looking to get treatments like microblading.

Now is the time to master your self-tanning techniques. Start experimenting with different tans and tinted moisturisers to determine the right colour and when you will need to apply this to ensure it doesn’t end up patchy on your wedding day.

You can discover Vogues ultimate countdown routine here.

Your Skin Regime

Establishing the right skin regime for you will be critical to achieving the blemish free, glowing skin you want for your special day.

First step is to reduce as much stress as possible (which I know is hard when you have a wedding to plan!). The best way to do this is by having a good sleeping routine, exercise regularly and maybe try meditating.

Speak to the professionals about your skincare routine and get some expert advice on products that are ideal for your skin type.

Book your treatments in a timely manner, this will not only ensure they suit you and will give you enough time to reap the benefits of the treatment.

Hitched have an excellent skincare regime you can follow to prepare for your wedding day!

Tips you should know!

Start Assessing Early

In an ideal world you should start prepping your skin around a year in advance of your wedding, however, 6 months in advance will also be very effective.

Speak to your Skin Expert

Let your skin expert know that you are getting married and discuss with them what appointments you will likely need and see how far in advance you can book these. If they know it’s for a special occasion it’s likely they will be able to offer advance booking, but you may need to pay a deposit.

Think about your Diet

What you eat will have an affect on your skin so, I would recommend making a food diary alongside a skin diary. That way you can identify which foods are having a negative impact on your skin.

Wear SPF

You should be applying SPF anyway…. But you should be using it in the lead up to your wedding and this includes on your lips. The minimum SPF you should be using is 30 and you can find SPF that is designed for everyday use and won’t make you breakout. In addition, closer to your wedding this will help avoid burns or unwanted tan lines!

Wash your Hands

You would be shocked to learn how many times a day you are touching your face! Keep your hands as clean as possible and try to reduce touching your face as this will cut back on the number of bacteria you are exposing your skin too.

Clean your Brushes

Another top tip for keeping your skin clean and free from breakouts is to regularly clean your makeup brushes. Foundation, bronzing and blusher brushes should be cleaned weekly and eye brushes monthly. This needs to be done with more than just water to ensure the bacteria has been removed.

Face Mapping

To help you achieve the perfect complexion for your wedding day, I offer a FREE face mapping service. This service is designed to give me all the information I need to create a bespoke treatment plan for your skin.

As well as treatment plans I can help guide you through the best advice to achieve glowing skin for your special day.

Don’t forget…

Beauty salons can get booked up quickly so it’s important to discuss your upcoming wedding with your skin expert to ensure you can book in all your appointments. Some salons may ask for deposits if you are booking quite far in advance but at least this guarantees the availability when you need it!

If you are receiving new treatments that require tinting, for example eyelashes or eyebrows then you will need to get patch tests done and I would also recommend having trials of these treatments before your final one so you can achieve the exact shade you are aiming for!

If you would like to book in for a FREE face mapping, please contact me today. Please note, I recommend booking this in at least 6 months prior to the date of your wedding.