Layering Up to Combat the Cold Works for Your Skin Too!

by | Oct 22, 2019 | 0 comments

Well, that’s autumn well and truly here which means the cold weather is only just around the corner.

Everybody knows that in cold weather it is best to layer up by putting more clothes on. Out come the jumpers, hats and scarves. Well, believe it or not, exactly the same principle applies to skin care!

Often when the cold hits, people’s natural reaction is to run a hot bath or steaming shower and jump right in. Your skin won’t thank you for that, however.

When we experience low temperatures and humidity our skin naturally loses moisture. You may well find it looks dull and feels tight, dry and itchy. Your skin’s natural protective barriers are losing moisture.

As a consequence, it becomes an easy target for redness and increased sensitivity.

The answer is to increase layers of extra hydration. This helps restore the moisture to your skin that has been lost and reinvigorates it.

I am a recognised Dermalogica Expert, and as such I am a great advocate of their products such as:

• Multi Active Toner
• Skin Hydrating Booster
• Skin Hydrating Masque

In fact, these products are also ideal for use the whole year round.

So when the cold snap inevitably hits you know what to do – layer up!

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