Matching Nail Colour to Your Skin Tone

by | Aug 17, 2018 | 0 comments

I have heard a lot about how to choose the right colour for your nails. Some people recommend matching your nail colour to that of your lipstick while others suggest you pair it with your clothing.

In my opinion the best method is to match it to your skin tone. In addition, you need to get the base colour right.

Here are my tips for the different complexion types to help you choose the right shade of nail polish for you.

Pale Complexion

The best shades for you are the lighter ones with a pink or blue base. Pastels are a good choice as are pinks or reds.

• Polish tip – choose a blue based polish
• Consider – pale pastel pink, blue, green, peach or beige
• Avoid – dark blue, black, yellow, green, gold or orange

Light Complexion

If you have a light or fair complexion you have a wide variety of colours to choose from.

• Polish tip – go for a blue or yellow based polish
• Consider – be bold with beige, white purple or silver or try soft orange, dark pink or berry colours
• Avoid – very dark blue, black, green, gold or dark orange

Tan Complexion

Tanned skin is ideal for warm colours.

• Polish tip –blue based polish is best or possibly yellow
• Consider – light blue, pink, purple, tangerine, copper, chocolate or light brown
• Avoid – gold

Medium/Olive Complexion

A medium skin tone can enjoy a wide range of colours, from vibrant to earthy.

• Polish tip – blue or yellow bases are best
• Consider – peach, gold, medium or reddish brown, vibrant orange, pink or blue or metallic and glittery colours
• Avoid – dark purple, red or navy blue

Dark Complexion

You are best suited to rich, deep shades.

• Polish tip – yellow or brown based
• Consider – deep purple, dark red, dark green, black, deep blue and gold
• Avoid – orange, yellow, pastels, white and silver