Beauty Gift Ideas – Gift Vouchers

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The benefits of Gift Vouchers, not only for Christmas but throughout the year!

After the difficult and often, arduous past 18 months with lock-down and social distancing restrictions, it seems that the entire nation is sooooo ready for some Christmas joy this year!  Believe me, I know my clients are!

Many of them have been asking me what are my best beauty gift ideas for 2021 and why.  So, in response to their question, here are my thoughts about choosing the perfect present.

The perfect present, in my opinion, starts with a thorough understanding of the person you’re giving the present to!  There are so many beauty gifts on the market these days, it’s sometimes a minefield to know what would suit them – after all, what suits me wouldn’t necessarily be the perfect match for someone else.  So it’s important to know what their skin concerns are or what they’d like to improve on, or indulge in before we narrow down the choice and make a shortlist!

Beauty Gift Ideas centre around 3 main considerations:

  1. The cost of the gift
  2. A specific treatment
  3. A specific product
  4. Time sensitivity

And that’s why I would suggest that a Beauty Gift Voucher from a reputable Beauty Salon would fit the bill perfectly.  Why?  Well, let me explain…..

1. The Cost of the Gift

When you choose to purchase a gift voucher, you’re in control of how much you want to spend.  Gift Vouchers come in all different denominations of value, so you can choose the amount you want to spend.

Now, if your recipient has her eye on a gift that is slightly more expensive than the gift voucher, she can add to the value herself, without it breaking your bank!  In this way, your gift will be exactly what you want it to be and it will also offset a significant amount of cost for your receiver.

2. A specific treatment

Beauty Gift Vouchers are so flexible that it allows the recipient of your gift to choose what they want.  Say for instance, if they’ve got a special occasion planned, they can put their gift voucher towards the cost of a tailor made skin therapy programme, or a luxury pedicure and manicure.  The choice is limitless – and you’ll get enormous kudos for thinking of them in this light!

3. A specific product

If you know that your loved one uses a certain product but you don’t know how much they’ve got of it, you can give them a gift voucher to use to purchase it when they need or want it.  This way, they’re not using your voucher in exchange for product they don’t need at the time (thus potentially reducing the time they can use it in) and you know that your Gift Voucher will be put to good use when your loved one needs to use it.

4.  Time sensitivity

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it – received a gift over the festive period and really need to return it as it’s not what we really wanted or needed.  Trouble is, many of us seem to never get round to returning the gift to the store until the expiry date for returning it runs out!  Ouch!  A waste of money for the giver, a big loss to the receiver and no-one’s happy!

The benefits of a gift voucher are that very often their expiry date is longer than a product, there is no ‘sell by’ date whereby the product goes off and you don’t have to go to the bother (and embarrassment!) of having to return it within a certain time period.

So, if you’re thinking about the perfect beauty gift idea, consider giving a gift voucher this year.  The benefits are many – and chances are you’ll be held in high esteem by your recipient for many months to come!

My name is Sam Baggott. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and Dermalogica skin care professional with many years’ experience.  My salon is based in Gloucester and if you’d like to purchase Gift Vouchers this Christmas, or at any time of the year, just take a look at my website or give me a call on 01452 392 751.