Why Men Should have Beauty Treatments

by | Apr 14, 2021 | 0 comments

Like women, men also have skin, eyebrows, nails! It’s important these are well taken care of, especially your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, the difference is it’s on the outside. It is there to protect you against all the elements and bacteria in the world.

Many men also want to look and feel good about their appearance and taking the opportunity to look after themselves with beauty treatments is a great way to do this.

Men are also prone to aches and pains which can be eased with regular massages, not to mention the stress-relief factor!

Here’s exactly why we think men should be having more beauty treatments.


Hair removal for men, better known as ‘manscaping’, has becoming increasingly popular over recent years.

Shaving can be highly irritable for men with more sensitive skin and can also lead to more acne from ingrown hairs. Waxing is a much better alternative for a cleaner and more smooth finish. It also lasts much longer as it removes the hair from the root.

Waxing can be used for almost any part of the body. From chest or back hair to facial hair like eyebrows. It is also fairly in-expensive with most waxing only being required every 4 – 8 weeks, depending on hair growth.

Removing nostril hair is another hair removal treatment that has grown in popularity.

Facials and Skincare

We’ve said it before, but we will say it again, take care of your skin! Looking after your skin is important for both men and women.

Especially so if you regularly work outside, in highly polluted areas or in a job where there’s likely to be a lot of dirt and dust.

All of these can clog up your pores and lead to breakouts.

Excessive sun exposure is also highly damaging to your skin so, you must wear SPF every day.

Often getting a facial is a great way for men to learn about their skin type and how to properly take care of it. Including in-grown hairs, dry skin or blackheads.

Facials are also a great way to help with ageing skin. There’s no denying that for many of us, men included, want to remain looking as youthful as possible.

They are a fantastic way to relax too. So, get yourself booked in!

Massage for Mind and Body

Massages are wonderfully relaxing. They are the perfect way to de-stress both your mind and body. It is really important to have time to yourself to just relax and massages are a great way to do this.

There’s also plenty of other benefits including improved circulation and the release of deep muscle tension.

Hands and Feet

Our hands and feet are often our busiest body parts! It’s not uncommon for them to build up with dry, dead skin and over-grown cuticles.

Receiving a regular manicure and pedicure will help keep your nails in great condition and your skin moisturised.

Maintaining your nails can also help you cut the habit of biting them and causing them to be sore or at risk of infections.

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