7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy!

by | Dec 17, 2018 | 0 comments

I am getting straight to it this month with seven easy ways to keep your hair healthy in 2019.

1. Get plenty of protein. If you don’t you can end up with dry, brittle strands. Eat chicken, turkey, fish and dairy products. Vegetarians and vegans should go for legumes, nuts, tofu and quinoa.
2. Cut down on hairdryers and heated styling tools. It is far better to let your hair dry naturally.
3. Have trims regularly. This helps get rid of split ends before they become a problem. Go for one every six to eight weeks.

4. Exfoliate. The current cold weather exacerbates dandruff but this can be overcome by using shampoos containing zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid.
5. Watch your stress levels. Meditation, getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy diet will all help cut stress.
6. Brush gently. A brush with plastic, rounded prongs is the best tool. Start brushing at the ends and gently work your way to the top of the head.
7. Hydrate grey hair. Grey hair can be fine and fragile but can also look coarse due to its oil. A hydrating and moisturising conditioner or oils such as jojoba and argan help soften hair and counteract dullness.

Follow these easy tips and enjoy healthy hair throughout 2019!