Are These The Weirdest Beauty Treatments Ever?

by | Oct 22, 2015 | 0 comments

You may well have heard of fish pedicures where you put your feet in water and allow little fishes to nibble away the dry skin. If you thought that was weird, how about these:

Pale Ale Pedicure

Before your man thinks he is going to be downing a pint or two while having his feet smartened up, let us explain that he will be sat with his feet immersed in Hooky Gold Ale before receiving a pressure point massage. A waste of good beer, if you ask me.

Spray Whitening

Rather than a spray tan, an East London salon is specialising in spray whitening. The treatment takes just twenty minutes and lasts just one night. Ideal for any Michael Jackson impersonators perhaps.

Bio Sculpture Snake Skin Manicure

I know, you just can’t get a decent snake skin manicure these days can you? Seriously, this procedure involves real snake skin, ethically sourced but genuinely skin shed by snakes, being applied to your nails.


An ancient Chinese treatment that involves glass cups being heated and then stuck to the skin, creating a vacuum. It is said to increase circulation and draw toxins out of the body. Amongst the ailments it is said to cure are asthma, sciatica and blocked colons. Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan, apparently.

Bee-Venom Mask

No, really. Actual bee venom is combined with nutrient rich Manuka honey in a face mask. It helps to tighten the facial tone, we are told. Have you seen the classic horror movie The Swarm? Don’t if you intend to have this treatment.

Perhaps unsurprisingly all these treatments are available in London town. For a more down to earth, not to say sensible, treatment pop in to Therapy by Sam Baggott in Cotteswold Road, Gloucester. It’s a guaranteed snake skin and bee venom free zone.

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