Skincare Routines for the Young

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Nurturing Skincare Routines for the Young: Wisdom from Therapy by Sam Baggott

In an age where skincare trends rapidly evolve, a concerning narrative has emerged about young children, some as tender as eight years old, diving into advanced skincare routines with products like Vitamin C and Retinol. The potential for harm to their delicate skin has prompted us at Therapy by Sam Baggott to share our insights on the appropriate skincare approach for this age group.

The Delicate Years: Skincare for the Young

The idea of children engaging in adult-level skincare routines is alarming. Early years should be about establishing basic hygiene and self-care rituals – think along the lines of regular teeth brushing, bathing, and maintaining good sleep routines. For skincare, young ones need nothing more than a gentle face wash and a simple moisturiser.

Childhood skin is naturally resilient, with cellular turnover at its peak. Introducing harsh ‘active’ ingredients can disrupt this natural process, leading to a compromised skin barrier, dryness, and irritation. Our stance is clear: skincare in childhood ought to focus on preserving skin health through minimal steps – gentle cleansing and light moisturisation to support the skin’s barrier.

Transitioning into Teens: Managing Breakouts with Care

As children edge towards puberty, skin changes are inevitable, often marked by increased oiliness and breakouts. This period calls for a slight adjustment in their skincare routine, incorporating products that target excess oil and help soothe the skin. However, the emphasis should be on gentle formulations specifically designed for young, sensitive skin.

For teenagers navigating these changes, we recommend starting with a few key products. For example, a foaming wash and a breakout clearing booster can make significant differences without overwhelming their skin. It’s crucial to avoid overloading the skin with numerous products, which can strip it of essential moisture and lead to more issues.  Take a look at the Dermalogica products available for purchase which are perfect for this treatment

The Role of Social Media in Skincare Trends

The surge of interest in skincare among younger audiences is largely fuelled by social media platforms like TikTok. While it’s fantastic to see a generation keen on self-care, the misinformation and pursuit of perfection can be damaging. It’s disheartening to hear reports of young individuals overly concerned with ageing signs due to unrealistic beauty standards online.

At Therapy by Sam Baggott, we champion skincare that prioritises health over perfection. Encouraging young individuals to follow influencers who showcase real, unfiltered beauty can foster a healthier relationship with self-image. Additionally, professional guidance from a skin expert can demystify skincare, ensuring your child or teenager adopts routines that genuinely benefit their skin type and age.

Guidance for Young Skin: Do’s and Don’ts

To help navigate the skincare journey for the younger demographic, here are some essential do’s and don’ts:


  • Use a gentle cleanser daily.
  • Apply a simple, lightweight moisturiser.
  • Protect the skin with SPF, especially during summer.
  • Maintain a consistent morning and evening routine.
  • Avoid products containing artificial fragrances, colours, and drying alcohols.
  • Emphasise skin health over imperfection.
  • Incorporate healthy lifestyle choices, like adequate sleep and nutrition.
  • Consult with a Professional Skin Therapist for personalised advice.


  • Resort to using actives like Retinol and Vitamin C or harsh peels.
  • Blindly follow trends without understanding their suitability for young skin.
  • Overcomplicate skincare with multi-step routines.
  • Pick at spots – opt for a targeted treatment instead.
  • Constantly switch between brands and products.
  • Splurge on expensive formulas without discerning their value.

Seeking Professional Guidance

While social media can offer a plethora of advice, nothing replaces the personalised recommendations from a skin professional. At Therapy by Sam Baggott, we’re committed to guiding you and your young ones through every step of their skincare journey. Our free consultations, are designed to provide expert advice tailored to your unique skin needs. Let’s nurture healthy skincare habits from a young age, fostering a generation that values skin health and confidence over fleeting trends.  Whatever your age if you want to find out more about skincare please get in touch on 01452539751 or email me