Top Ten Treats for Happy Feet!

by | Jun 25, 2015 | 0 comments

Here are ten of the top reasons for treating your feet to a pedicure:

1. Appearance – attractive looking feet and toes. Guaranteed to look good in summer sandals.

2. Dry skin – your therapist will remove any dead dry skin and help soften your feet.

3. Identify skin or nail problems – a regular pedicure can spot conditions or infections before they become a major problem.

4. Healthy nails – buffing your nails stimulates blood flow to improve nail health and growth.

5. Relaxation – a foot massage is one of the most relaxing treats you can have, reducing tension and removing stress.

6. Improving lymphatic and blood flow – lymph nodes clean toxins from your lymphatic fluid which then flows into your blood and to your heart for cleansing. Some of our lymph nodes are located behind the knee so any massage to that area will be beneficial.

7. Cuticle cleaning – dead cuticles can make your feet and nails look dry and untidy. A therapist can push the cuticles back, gently scraping off any dead areas to leave your nail plates neat and tidy for lacquering.

8. Colourful nails – lacquering nails is fun and attractive. There are numerous colours to choose from to suit the seasons or your mood.

9. Smooth feet – your therapist will apply a good moisturiser to your feet and use cuticle oil to leave your toes and feet feeling silky smooth.

10. Feeling good – once you have been pampered and massaged you will feel totally relaxed and confident.

These benefits also apply to manicures as well so you can have happy hands to go with your pampered feet!

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