What’s the Best Moisturiser for Your Skin? Part 3

by | Jun 18, 2019 | 0 comments

Concluding our guide to the best moisturiser for your skin.

There are plenty to choose from but I recommend Dermalogica’s specialist products, all backed by extensive research. They are bound to have the perfect product for your skin.

Best Moisturiser for Uneven Skin Tones – Daytime

Try Pure Light SPF50. Brown spots and hyper pigmentation are often the result of over exposure to UV light. This moisturiser can hydrate you daily and prevent further damage while it works at treating your uneven skin tone.

• Provides sustained moisture for optimal hydration
• Advanced Oleosome encapsulation technology improves SPF performance
• Helps exfoliate surface cells, enhancing skin tone and eliminating dark spots

Best Moisturiser for Uneven Skin Tones – Night time

Pure Night restores skin tone while you sleep. An active blend of skin brightening ingredients helps reduce the appearance of brown spots.

• Brightens and improves your skin tone while you sleep
• Improves barrier protection against loss of moisture
• Strengthens the skin against environmental damage